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Automatic Doors

About 15 years ago we started installing and maintaining automatic doors. This part of the business has grown to such an extent that we now have a specialist sub-division, Avon Automatic Doors, to concentrate on all aspects of automatic door work.

Avon Auto Doors

In the past, many people have had to struggle with heavy doors.  Not just wheelchair users but those with arthritis and parents with toddlers and baby buggies.  Building managers have been frightened off by the cost of fitting extra wide automatic doors.

There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the width of doorways for wheelchair users.  Most existing doors can be converted to power operation, at low cost.  Activation can be by 'push & go', by movement sensors or press pads.  Safety features are built-in for 'low-energy' operation.  Extra safety sensors are added for full automatic operation.

All our installations fully comply with the British and European Safety Standards BS7036 and EN16005,  the codes of practice for the safety of powered doors for pedestrian use.

 Automatic Entrance Door

To discuss your automatic or powered door requirements call Avon Automatic Doors on 0117 982 6288 or email us on We cover the whole of Greater Bristol, South Wales, Somerset and Gloucestershire.


Please convey our thanks to your installation team for converting our entrance door to automatic operation. They were courteous and helpful to our residents and everyone is much happier that they no longer have to struggle with the heavy door. I have no hesitation in recommending you to others in similar circumstances.
Paul - Development Manager of FirstPort Retirement Apartments