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Finger Guards

It can be difficult for people to decide on which doors to install finger protection, as they are unable to determine how dangerous their doors are and they simply do not have the time to do it.

We provide a free Door Safety Risk Assessment service without any obligation.  Once you contact us, we will arrange for one of our experienced Door Safety Surveyors to assess your doors.

Surveyors can arrange to carry out the survey at a time convenient to you and will endeavour to ensure minimum disruption to your working day.  For schools, we are able to visit in the school holidays if you prefer.

In terms of assessment, each door assessed is graded as a high, medium or low risk. As a company, we recommend that all high risk doors are protected with child door safety products as these are the doors where accidents are most likely to occur. Ideally, all doors would be protected as this would remove all door safety concerns relating to finger protection.

After the survey has completed, your local surveyor will be more than happy to discuss the findings of their report with you and will provide you with a copy that you can insert in your Annual General Risk Assessment Report.

Call us on 0117 982 6288